Layers Upon Layers

Layers are essential for fall weather. Often when you are outside around these late October, early November days it's tough to figure out what to wear. Therefore, my #1 suggestion is to layer. Your layers give you the ability to peel off as your body temperature rises. Some quick tips on the best way to achieve this look without results being "bag lady-esque" are as follows:

- Cardigans: always a great place to start. I am a big fan of long ones with a long t-shirt underneath, leggings tucked into any height boots, with a big scarf draped however you wear it best. Add a puffy vest if it's really cold!

- Blazers: an easy fix to any outfit! Throw on a 3/4 length sleeve one with a long sleeve tee, jeans (black or dark wash denim), big earrings, and of course A SCARF!

- Tights: Dresses and tights with long socks sticking out of the boots! Love this look. Shockingly warm-ups work equally as well. H&M usually carry these for super affordable prices. Also work well around the house on a chilly night.

- Long Gloves: I am such a fan of long cashmere or leather gloves - kickin' it old school, Mad Men style. These are perfect for working those 3/4 length swing coats you have in your closet that you wish you could wear all year 'round. Also work as an extra layer of warmth under your full length coat. You can find these pretty much anywhere and everywhere. The ones pictured are Michael Kors for $48.00 at

- Jewelry: I am a less is more gal usually and with jewelry I still follow this rule somewhat. I never wear a big pair of earrings w/ a big necklace. It's usually a big neck with a fun chunky bracelet or big earrings and a big ring.....I don't like my jewelry to fight each other, however, with that said, I do like layering different bracelets together

or attaching one long necklace to another and wrapping it many times. It adds a lot of dimension to any outfit.

-Preppy: Take a cue from the preppiest Ivy Leaguers! Last weekend I watched "Love Story" - a classic movie from the 70's with Ryan O'Neil and Ali MacGraw. Ali's style is amazing in this movie and she layers all of the best - cable sweaters, puffy vests, button down shirts peeking out from underneath....and GREAT hats. And a fur hand muff as seen in the pic at the top! My mom still has one of those!! Might have to snag it the next time I am at her house!

Rules of layering:

- keep similar color families together

- add different texture, keeping in mind not to put chunky w/ chunky (thick sweater should be paired with a cute blouse)

- make sure your layers are visible, meaning vary them

- SCARVES! I never ever leave the house without one (even in the summer)