Chaos and Confetti

Life has been chaotic to say the least. Between a hectic work schedule, lots of travel and some exciting life events, I have been struggling to find the calm. 

As I navigate this chaos, I am reminded of something that my first yoga instructor, Baron Baptiste, taught me about equanimity - “The more you can ride out the storms within, the clearer the horizon will be.” Equanimity, by definition, is mental calmness, composure, and evenness in temper, particularly in difficult situations. Easier said then done, right? Work in progress....

Cambridge based artist, Caleb Neelon, created the mural in this post on a wall in Allston (small section outside of Boston) that sits on a very busy road. The beautiful confetti of colors matches the scene -  busy, hectic, and urban. The all white outfit is an attempt to manufacture the ultimate contrast against a sea of bright craziness...much like equanimity in a time of chaos. I think Will and I achieved our mission... what do you think?

Outfit deets for those that want to be in the know:

- Shopbop cami w/ lace detail - HERE

- Zara White suit jacket - sold out, but this one at Nordstrom is cute -HERE

-Zara White Wide Leg Pant - sold out, but this Milly pair is delish - HERE

-Rebecca Minkoff Clutch - HERE

So here I am, just trying to find joy in every moment of the chaos. I will keep the below image of my sweet family close, so I can remember what it's all about in the end.... love, happiness, and iddy biddy beautiful moments!

Have a wonderful, fashionable week,